Entrepreneurs and core team members must be at least one of the teachers and students of the school or alumni within five years of graduation.

It is recommended to call us first, and contact the hotline 04-2284-0832.

STARTUP @ NCHU only provides startup teams that have not yet established a company;

If you have established a company, please contact our school's incubation center:

Main Incubation Center: 04-22840872 / Zhongke Incubation Center: 04-36068996

2F Entrepreneurship office: for a team with a clear entrepreneurial project that is under implementation and is expected to establish a company in about 1 year.

3F Co-working space: for teams with initial entrepreneurial ideas to station, and you can apply for it as an individual or as a team.

2F Entrepreneurship office has a period of at most two years (the team must establish a company within about one year).

After entering, you can enjoy both software and hardware resources, such as cultivation space, professional consultation, innovation and entrepreneurship courses, innovation and entrepreneurship plans/contest application guidance, entrepreneurial exhibition/market exposure, entrepreneurial team exchanges, etc.

The opening hours are 09:00-17:00 on weekdays (not open on holidays and public holidays).

The stationed team can have the access control authority of the building, and the time of entry and exit is not restricted. The team can arrange time to the building to discuss the entrepreneurial project.