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STARTUP @ NCHU is the incubation center for startup teams of Chung Hsing University. It is an office that manages and guides innovation and entrepreneurship. It is also the first start-up friendly school in Taiwan whose address can be used for company registration. It acts as an entrepreneurial seed broadcaster and the role of counselor.

The new innovation team of teachers and students of Zhongxing University stationed in the field of incubation, playing the role of entrepreneurship seed broadcaster and cohesion deepening counselor.

How to Apply

How to Apply

1. Teachers and students of our school or alumni who have entrepreneurial ideas within five years of graduation can apply.

2. Download the application forms from this website.

3. After completion, send the copy to our mailbox:

4. If there is no problem after the check, the applicant will be notified to submit the paper documents.

5. The application will be submitted to the New Business Development Promotion Committee for detailed review.

6. Notify the team of the results of the review, and those who pass shall be prepared to move in.

7. Complete the contract and formally enter STARTUP @NCHU


Events and courses held by STARTUP@NCHU, Governmental plans,
entrepreneurship competitions, exhibitions and other information.

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